Should I have my dehumidifier serviced?

Regular maintenance ensures hygiene and less chance of breakdown, do not wait until it starts to smell musky or faulty.

We have our cars serviced annually because we know that parts do wear and tear over time and we want to have great performance and efficiency as well.  The same goes with most appliances.  

Dehumidifiers are designed to remove humidity by taking in the ambient air into the dehumidifier and then passes through a process to enable the extraction of the moisture (into a bucket or a hose) resulting in dryer air being expelled back into your room.

During this process any dust and odour from the room environment gets into the dehumidifier.  Over time, the dust and odour starts to buildup if they are not cleaned properly.  Majority of complaints over smell from the dehumidifier and breakdown is due to lack of maintenance. 

EcoAir offers service plans specially for EcoAir dehumidifiers.  Your dehumidifier will be thoroughly serviced, we will  clean and disinfect the interior whilst carrying out the service.  This is so important now that we are facing a pandemic.

To find some helpful tips on maintenance that you can do yourself, see How to take care of my dehumidifier

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