How to take care of my dehumidifier

Keep a routine to clean the filters, water tank, continuous drain hose and store the dehumidifier properly if not in use

Some routine maintenance that you can do yourself

Clean your filters, the air inlet and outlet

Air filters should be cleaned every 2 weeks, please follow the manual instructions on what you need to do.    Remove any dust around the air inlet and the air outlet either by using a gentle vacuum or a soft brush. Please see How do I clean the filters

Clean the water tank

You need to clean the water tank at least once a month.  Tank can accumulate mould and mildew if left uncleaned over time.  Clean the bucket with a some washing up liquid and air dry it before returning back to the dehumidifier.  Take extra care to avoid cracking the tank or disturbing any minor mechanical parts whilst cleaning the tank.  

Continuous hose

If you use a continuous hose, it must be cleaned at least once a month.  Remove the hose and flush out any residues inside the hose.  Unplug your dehumidifier an clean the hose connection mouth  on the dehumidifier to remove any residue.  Air dry the hose before reinstalling it.  If the hose has accumulated mould and it cannot be reached for cleaning, you need to replace the hose.

Clean the exterior panels

Clean the exterior panels by wiping with a damp cloth to remove dust and stains.  Make sure you unplug the mains socket first.

Storing your dehumidifier

See How to store my Dehumidifier