How do I clean the filters

Clean the filter every 2 weeks, with a soft brush, or a gentle vacuum. For nylon filters you can wash with mild detergent and air dry

Filters are the heart of the unit and are extremely important for the performance and air quality of the unit. It is also key in avoiding overheating of your appliance in cases of excess dust buildup.

Dust infiltration to the interior

Majority of dehumidifiers fail mainly due to dust infiltration buildup in its interior of the machine.  It is inevitable that dust will collect on appliances especially the air inlet which if left alone will be sucked into the interior of the machine akin to a vacuum sucking the dust into a bag.  The dust inside the interior will eventually become a blanket that will overheat the appliance or at the very least block the waterways and cause leakages. 

Keeping your appliances clean from dust which is very easy to do, will give you many years of enjoyment from your appliances.

How to clean the filters

Routine cleaning is essential to the longevity of your appliance. 

1) Clean the filters
Clean the filters every 2 weeks, simply use a brush or gentle vacuuming to remove any dust or dirt. Some nylon filters are washable and can be used repeatedly after washing.  Simply rinse the filter in warm water with mild detergent. Later, leave to air dry before returning to the unit. Please avoid force drying the filters.

2) Clean the air inlet and outlet
Turn off the dehumidifier and unplug it from the mains.  Remove any dust around the air inlet (remove the filter first) and the air outlet either by using a gentle vacuum or a soft brush.


Please refer to the manual instructions specific to your product model as well.


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